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A Game Changer
Win Without The Risk
A new innovative system that enables the opportunity for users to win life-changing money while greatly reducing the risk for everyone that participates.

Flexible Investment
High Multiplier

Win up to


Bonus for Early Participants

Reclaim Deposit
Reduce Risk

Regardless of outcome

Get Deposits Back

Innovative system model that allows users to reclaim back their deposit, greatly reducing the overall risk to participate.

Powered by leading oracles
Secure. Verified.
Tamper-proof. Random.

Prize Drop

$1 Million

Entry Deposit

100,000 LINDA (<$10)

Win Multiplier


Prize Drop


Entry Deposit

150,000 LINDA (<$15)

Win Multiplier

Up to 16000x

Prize Drop


Entry Deposit

200,000 LINDA (<$20)

Win Multiplier

Up to 2500x

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